We strive to maintain the advantages of the traditional bodega, such as a detailed knowledge of the product and a very personal treatment of the customer, with a modern wine franchise model which offers a wide range of products and services and the best prices in the market. Vinalium aims to bring the world of wine closer to consumers, moving away from the image of shops “only for connoisseurs”, which is so often associated with this type of establishment. Vinalium has various formats of store structures that includes stores of 55m2 (mini format) with 900 SKU’s up to 170m2(plus format) with 2000 SKU’s, including also the Standard format with 1500 SKU’s within a 100m2 area of wine references, bulk wine, liqueurs, champagnes, vinegars, craft beers and even, depending on the size of the establishment, soft drinks and other types of drinks, plus a small assortment of foods such as canned appetizers, olives or nuts. All this with a modern and attractive image, the continual promotion of novelties and innovations in the world of wine, but always adapted to all budgets.


Vinalium Franchise MINI

Surface: 40–70 m2

Min. investment: 21.500 €


Vinalium Franchise STANDARD

Surface: 80–120 m2

Min. investment: 31.500 €


Vinalium Franchise PLUS

Surface: 140–200 m2

Min. investment: 43.000 €