We strive to preserve the benefits of a “traditional wine shop“, such as a comprehensive knowledge of the products and highly personalised customer service, through a wine franchise that has been adapted to the current era, and boasts an extensive range of products and services as well as the most competitive prices in the business.

Vinalium’s approach aims to move the world of wine closer to consumers and away from the “connoisseurs-only” shops that are typically associated with this type of establishment. Our shops stock wines, including cask wine, spirits, cavas, champagnes, vinegars, craft beers and even soft drinks and other kinds of beverages; in addition to a select range of foods that includes preserved delicacies, olives and dried fruits. All of this is enhanced by a modern and attractive image that portrays constant progress and innovation in the world of wine, while always staying aligned with financial budgets.


The traditional shop adapted to the new era

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