Legal notice states its compliance with the regulations in force regarding data protection, and particularly with the Organic Law 15/1999, dated 13th December, and the Personal Data Protection Law 34/2002.

In accordance with the current dispositions in force, shall only collect the data that is strictly necessary for providing the services resulting from its activities and other services conferred by the Law.

This privacy policy regarding data protection may change over time due to potential legal and legislative modifications or following decisions approved by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection and/or the ruling authorities at any moment. For this, reserves the right to modify this privacy policy in order to adapt it to new legal and legislative dispositions that are in force specifically during website access, as well as to practices being applied in the sector.
If the previous events should occur, will announce on this website in good time all the changes introduced on this website before their implementation.


All the data provided by means of electronic mail or forms will be treated in accordance with the regulations in force regarding personal data protection, and in any case, the staff responsible for the management of such information will consider it as confidential.



We notify you as a User of our website that providing answers to the questions on the data collection forms contained in this website is voluntary, however the refusal to supply the requested data may result in denial of access to related services.


By completing the forms included in the various websites related to the services provided by, the User accepts the inclusion and later processing of the provided data in a personal data file, owned by, and is authorised to exercise the applicable rights in accordance with the following clause.


As a User you are authorised to exercise, regarding the data collected in the form described above, the rights recognised by the Organic Law 15/1999, in particular the rights of access, modification, opposition and/or cancellation of data. The rights mentioned in the previous paragraph may be exercised by the User through a written and signed request including an enclosed photocopy of an ID or Passport forwarded to the address below:


Anoia, 20-22, polígono Industrial Pla de la Bruguera. 08211 Castellar del Vallès. Barcelona. Spain (DATA PROTECTION)

Additionally, if the User does not wish to receive any information via electronic mail or any other means, he/she can notify at the aforementioned address through any means that provides evidence of due receipt.



The data shall only be used to contact the User (for basic purposes), like name, surname and email address. This information, once received by, shall never be sold, transferred or leased to other companies, except when reasonably necessary for providing the service. shall be held responsible for these files containing personal data, created by and for with the purpose of maintaining and handling their relationship with the User, information regarding the organisation’s products and the distribution thereof, and its business activity.


Additionally, the information contained in the databases may be used to identify the User and conduct statistical studies regarding the registered Users.

During the process of data collection, and whenever data are required, the User shall be informed about whether data collection is compulsory or voluntary and, if this cannot be implicitly deduced from the electronic form in question, about the need to provide such data in order for the User to access certain content provided by websites.

When necessary, request the User’s to use their data in order to send them any information related to the organization, the activities being developed or other related subjects.


The introduction of data in a sheet or sheets of data collection shall imply the acceptance of these conditions of use and privacy policy, thus being understood that the User has been duly informed about the aforementioned conditions for use and the privacy policy and undertakes to fully comply therewith while visiting


Furthermore, unless the User has been informed about the possibility of their data being transferred to a third party, and they have granted their consent therefor, under no circumstances –with the exception of situations covered by the legislation in force – no third party outside of may access their personal data unless express consent has been given for such purpose.

In all other cases, shall work with the third parties to ensure that they comply with the legislation in force, although the aforementioned third party shall be held fully responsible. shall not sell, lease or transfer the personal data belonging to the Users of these websites, except when reasonably necessary for providing the service. shall not sell, lease or transfer the emails from its Users to other companies, except when reasonably necessary for providing the service.


Occasionally, will send an email with updates about improvements, new features or offers on the webpage belonging thereto.

Users can unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to (specifying the address of the department involved).


Both the access to the website and the use made of the information and contents included thereon will be the sole responsibility of the User. Therefore, any use of the information, images, contents and/or products reviewed and accessible thereon must be in compliance with the applicable national or international legislation, as well as with the principles of good faith and morality by the Users, who shall be held entirely responsible for access and proper use.

The Users should make reasonable use of the services or content, under the principle of good faith and respecting the regulations in force, moral values, public order, morality, the rights of third parties or itself, all according to the possibilities and purposes for which they were intended. shall not be held liable, either directly or indirectly, for any actual loss (damnum emergens) or lost profits caused by the improper use of the services or contents by the Users or third parties.


In accordance with data responsibilities stipulated in Article 10 of Act 34/2002 of 11 July, on Information Society Services and e-Commerce, we hereby state that owner of the website where several applications can be downloaded is:, with Tax Identification Number (NIF): A08748246, Anoia, 20-22 . Polígono Industrial Pla de la Bruguera. 08211 Castellar del Vallés . Barcelona . Spain, with Internet domain recorded in the relevant Registers; Users/potential Users should write to the following email address:


By using this website you are granted the condition of user which implies that you fully accept all and every one of the stipulations in this Privacy Policy in the version published by at the exact time that the User accesses the website, with no exceptions. Consequently, the User must carefully read this Privacy Policy every time they use the website, since it may be subject to change.

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This website may use cookies in some pages. The purpose of these cookies is to improve the service we offer to our clients and visitors

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Design of contents chosen by the User the first time they visit the website.

Security elements involved in controlling the access to restricted areas.


The information and services included or available through these webpages may contain mistakes or typographical errors.

From time to time, we may introduce modifications to the information therein.

At any time can introduce improvements and/or changes in the services or contents. has obtained the data and materials contained on the website from reputable sources that are considered as trustworthy and further suitable measures have been taken in order to assure that the information contained is correct. does not guarantee that the website is accurate or up-to-date. We also hereby warn our Users that the contents of this website are merely for informative purposes regarding the quality, situation, location, services and tariffs belonging to

INFORMATION ABOUT THE LIABILITY EXEMPTION ARISING FROM A TECHNICAL FAILURE AND CONTENTS shall accept no responsibility in case of interruptions or a bad performance of the services or contents available at Internet, whatever their cause.

Additionally, shall accept no responsibility for network outages, loss of business due to these outages, momentary power-cuts or any other type of indirect damage that may be caused to the Users by reasons beyond the control of neither states not guarantees that the services or contents will continue without interruption or that they are completely correct, that defects will be amended, or the service or that or that the server on which it is hosted is free of viruses or other damaging elements, even though will make the appropriate efforts to avoid something of this nature happening. In case the User must take certain decisions or carry out actions based on the information contained on any of the websites, the verification of the information received against other sources is recommended.


All the contents provided by, as well as the contents provided online via its webpages, constitute an entire piece of work, in accordance with the meanings this has for regulations on intellectual property, and are thus protected by the applicable laws and international treaties regarding this matter.

It is prohibited to in any way reproduce, distribute, disseminate, modify, provide and, in general, any other public use of both the webpages and their contents and information, without express written authorisation from

Consequently, all the contents displayed on the various websites, especially designs, texts, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, software, commercial names, trademarks, industrial drawings or any other signs that come under industrial and commercial use, are subject to the intellectual and industrial rights belonging to or to third parties that own such rights who had duly authorized them to be included on the various websites.

The content, images, forms, opinions, indexes and any other formal expressions on these webpages, as well as the software required to browse and view it, also constitute an entire work in accordance with copyright law, and are therefore protected by the international conventions and the national regulations regarding the applicable Intellectual Property Rights. Failure to comply with the foregoing implies serious illegal acts and civil and penal procedures being brought about.

All acts are prohibited by which the User of the services or contents may exploit or use commercially, directly or indirectly, entirely or partially, anyone of the formal contents, images, forms, indexes and any other expression included on the webpages without previous permission in written form by

In particular, in an exemplary but not exhaustive list, it is prohibited to reproduce, distribute, exhibit, transfer, broadcast, issue in any way, store on hardware or devices (for example, external storage or hard disks), digitalize or make available via data bases other than those authorized by, as well as, in any way, to translate, adapt, adjust or modify these opinions, formal images, forms, indexes and any other expression made available to the Users through the services or contents, in accordance with the applicable regulations related to the intellectual, industrial or image protection Property Rights. is free to restrict the access to its webpages, products and/or services offered thereon, as well as the subsequent publication of the opinions, observations, images or comments sent by the Users through email.

In this sense, may install, when it deems necessary and notwithstanding the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Users, any filters necessary in order to avoid the online dissemination through its webpages any contents or opinions that may be considered racists, xenophobic, discriminatory, pornographic, defamatory or that in any way could incite violence or the propagation of contents that are clearly illicit or damaging.

Regarding Users that sent the website any suggestions, observations, opinions or comments via email: unless they state the contrary in a definite and unmistakable manner, it shall be deemed that, if by the nature of the services or contents this is possible, they authorize to reproduce, distribute, display, transmit, retransmit, broadcast in any format, store on any hardware or device (for example, external memory or hard disks), digitalize, make it available via the data bases belonging to, translate, adapt, adjust or modify in any another way such observations, opinions or comments, during all the time the copyright remains in force. Additionally, it is understood that this authorization is granted free of charge, and that by the mere fact of sending such observations, opinions or comments by email, the Users waives the right to file any compensation claims against

In accordance with the stipulations stated in the previous paragraph, is also authorized to modify or alter such observations, opinions or comments, in order to adapt them to the requirements of the webpages’ publishing format; however it shall not be deemed that there has been any breach whatsoever of the copyright held by the User thereover.

It is forbidden to use any technical, digital or technological means through which a third party could benefit, directly or indirectly, with or without profit, from all and each one of the contents, formal forms, indexes and any other expression enclosed in the webpages, or carried out by for them to function. In particular, it is prohibited to use any link, hyperlink, framing or similar bond that could be established by others and directed to webpages, without express written consent from

Any infringement to foregoing stipulations shall be deemed to be a breach of the legitimate intellectual Property rights of over the webpages and all the contents thereof. accepts no responsibility for anything may happen as a result of the behaviours and functions mentioned above and takes no responsibility for the contents, services, products, etc., belonging to any third party which could be accessed directly or through banners, links, hyperlinks, framing or similar bonds from websites.