It was 2015 when, over a decade of improvements in the business model, and its evolution, the idea of organizing a different event was born in Vinalium. They tried to create a space where direct contact was established between the producers of the main commercialized wines and the sellers, who were in charge of the Vinalium containers on a day-to-day basis. In this way, the transmission of knowledge from one to the other would be more direct, being able to delve into aspects that it does not normally delve into.

That first edition brought together just over 20 exhibitors, and was attended by franchisees, Vinalium staff and some family members. It was, with the typical errors of the neophytes, a success, and the participants highly valued the event, held in Sabadell. That is why it was proposed to go one step further, expanding the number of exhibiting wineries, and moving the organization to Barcelona.

In the successive years, continue to improve the size of the fair, and select access to it from the best customers in each store, having just completed the wine production and consumption chain, and giving prominence to it, from the vineyard up to the glass. In this way, it has been achieved that not only the producer can transmit his knowledge and passion, as well as the philosophy of his winery and his particular stories, to the sellers who must subsequently advise the client, but also directly reach that final client, to the consumer, who can get to know the wine in much greater depth.

The Vinalium fairs considered, perhaps like no other indicator, the evolution of the brand, and in the last edition, they presented more than 100 exhibitors, among wineries, distributors, etc. and it was attended by more than 1600 visitors. For the next editions of coming years, new developments are already being studied, to continue giving the dynamism that an event of this nature requires.

With the hope of the first day, and the desire to achieve the satisfaction of the winemakers, franchisees, clients and other people who make this dream possible, we will continue trying to improve every year.